Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is important, but few people seem to understand how important it is. About 90% of adults do not get enough sleep and about 30% struggle with insomnia. Lack of sleep reduces one’s productivity, results in accidents, poor performance, and job absenteeism. All these can be solved if the workers got enough sleep. This article will give you tips that will lead you to good night sleep. Read on.


Just like babies, adults should plan their day and sleep time. Get a specific time to wake up, finish work and sleep. Prepare for the next day by fueling your car, having packed lunch, organized, etc. with an organized schedule; you will be feeling more in control. A simple thing like planning your clothes goes a long way.

Find a Way of Dealing with Stress

lady sleepingYou will meet something that will disturb your mind during the day and if allowed, your day will be all messed up. Avoid replaying such in your mind. Find a good way to handle and manage stress. Walk out to get fresh air, eat healthily, take regular breaks, and you will find it easy to sleep soundly at night.

Dedicate Quality Time to Yourself

You might be good at creating family time, time out with friends but do you ever get time for yourself? Yes that me time without anyone around. To achieve this, be more assertive and turn down some demands and requests. Be clear about how much time you are willing to compromise.

Working from Home

We have those of us who work from home. When you are done with the day’s assignment, please turn that computer off and get it off your sight. It should not be the only thing you see all day. Change from your working clothes, take a bath and turn your bedroom to a peaceful place. Not an office anymore. Clear the working table and take away papers and electronics that might remind you of work.

Turn off Your Phone Two Hours Before Bed

daddy and baby sleepingMany people will not agree with me on this one, but it is very healthy. Many of us, sleep with phones and there is this temptation of checking for the last time. You should be in charge of the time to spend on the internet and spend it wisely. Switch off your phone or put in on silent mode and put if far away from your bed because it is a great sleep distractor.